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Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable & recyclable. It is considered one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable materials used to produce rugs as it doesn’t pollute the earth during its treatments or disposal process. As a material, Jute is versatile & non-toxic making it safe to use at home around young children and with the right care should perform well for a number of years.


How to best lay your rug?

The rug you use will be more noticeable than you think, being the backdrop on which your living or bedroom setting comes together; so finding the right size and style is important.

Note to remember; undershooting on size to fit your budget will hurt your space more than help it, so look at alternatives better suited to your budget before considering smaller.


Rug care

Taking care of your rug ensures it stays strong while looking it’s best for a longer period of time. Here’s a few tips you can try!

A weekly vacuum is recommended to pick up loose yarn and soil/dust collected on the rug surface. use a non-abrasive motion applying minimal pressure and don’t forget to vacuum the floor underneath the carpet as well to pick up soil that has passed through.

Jute rugs can stain easily, so if a spill occurs, immediately soak it up with a sponge or a soft cloth. Follow with a wet sponge rubbing into the stain very gently and re-absorb the water with a dry tissue or soft cloth. A carpet spot cleaner, mild soap or diluted shampoo can be used in the sponge but needs to be followed by a wet sponge or cloth to avoid a detergent stain. Expose to sun when possible, to properly dry the affected area.

Elect for a professional, using minimal wet-cleaning methods. Avoid scrubbing and be vary of rough bristles. We discourage use of bleaching agents and only recommend mild detergents for washing.

Occasional sun exposure of an hour or two keeps your carpet feeling fresh. If shampooed/washed, ensure a wet vacuum is used to collect excess moisture and dry flat on a level surface. Jute rugs should not be hung while wet as this will distort the shape of your rug. Exposure to moisture can weaken the fibers in the long run and cause build up of mildew and bad odor. 

Distribute traffic/sun exposure by rotating your carpet and avoid uneven wearing/fading.

*Recommended*! Use a scotch-guarding product to protect the carpet surface as this will prove effective against spills/stains & general use. It will give you time to pick up a spill before it is absorbed into the yarn & help maintain the appearance of your rug.

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